St. Louis Cardinals: Player OPS+, 2013 vs. 2014

One of the great mysteries of the Cardinals’ season has been the complete disappearance of the offense. In 2013, they led the National League in runs per game, and tied for the NL lead in team OPS+. This year, they’re ahead of only the putrid Padres’ offense in runs per game in the NL. Part of that is certainly the expected regression from their historic performance in 2013 with runners in scoring position. But not all of it. I’ve put together a simple slope graph to illustrate the biggest culprits, comparing the individual player OPS+ from 2013 vs. 2014.

Cardinals_StatsObviously, not all data points have direct correlations. Pete Kozma’s time has more or less gone to Jhonny Peralta. Beltran’s time partially went to Bourjos, but not completely, ergo the dotted line. David Freese’s at bats became Kolten Wong and Mark Ellis. Allen Craig 2013 has become Allen Craig and Oscar Taveras 2014. When applicable, a dotted line has been used.



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