img_1490The Rally Graph is a depository of data visuals (infographics!) that I’ve created about my first true love, the game of baseball. Since I am a diehard St. Louis Cardinals fan, the Rally Graph will feature more Cardinals-themed content than other teams. Don’t judge me. I promise not to prattle on and on about the Cardinal Way or claim to be the best fans in baseball or any of the other things that have made Cardinal fans so unpopular. I’m just a baseball and graphic design junkie who wants to share some baseball-themed infographs.

My name is John LaRue. I work in the Public Affairs department at Washington University. I have lived an awful lot of places, including St. Louis since January 2002. The best way I can answer where I’m from is to say that I was raised in a lot of places, primarily Madison, Wisconsin, by Missourians.

You may recognize me as the guy who created That Breaking Bad Thing and That Other Breaking Bad Thing over at my other site, TDYLF.com. My freelance work has been featured on io9, Grantland, Movies.com, Wired, Slate.com, /Film, and the Toronto Star. I was also featured on the now-defunct IMDb Hit List 21 times. My work has been published in I Love Charts: The Book and The Best American Infographics 2013. As you can see from my other site, I’m also a TV and movie junkie.

You can find me on Twitter here. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy.


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